The Good Samaritan Health Clinic provides a Dental Clinic on Wednesdays  at 4:00pm.
For emergency extractions and fillings only. 

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot extract wisdom teeth. 

Eligible patients can request up to four (4) tooth extractions per year.  Each extraction is at the discretion of the dentist. 

A $5.00 co-pay is requested upon seeing the doctor.  However, no patient will be turned away if they do not have the co-payment. 

Dr. Scott Horowitz is the Volunteer Director of this Clinic.


All patients MUST pre-qualify financially prior to receiving an appointment.


Adult Pasco County residents up to age 65 who are uninsured and are ineligible for Medicaid can apply for services.  The clinic does not treat patients who qualify for Medicare or are military veterans.  Only routine (non-emergency) medical conditions are treated.  Application and financial screening to meet eligibility requirements must be completed prior to receiving a medical or dental appointment.  A $5 donation is requested from each patient for each visit.