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Board of Directors

Providing Healthcare to People in Need

A volunteer Board of Directors comprised of physicians, laypersons, and professionals oversees the Good Samaritan Health Clinic.

Executive Committee

Elinor Paladine

Vice Chair
Jennifer Cook, MD


Recording Secretary
Terri Haffner, ARNP-C

Community Development Chair
Anna Farrell, ESQ.

Board of Directors

Cami Austin
Keith D. Dunn
Tina Farrell
Shelly May Johnson, ESQ.
Howard Kahen, MD
Paul Manuel, P.E.
Sarah Naumowich
Jennifer Selk
Nelson Ohihoin, RPh
Alene A. Wright, MD

Chief Executive Officer
Melissa Fahy

Medical Director
Bharat M. Desai, MD
Good Samaritan Health Clinic